We are Fleech

And we style the web


The harder we work,
The luckier you get...

The Fleech Media family contains a group artsy hipster, skilled nerds and sassy marketers who dedicate their time to craft and promote cool tools and services on the web.

Ok fine, we’re all nerds. That’s right, we’re a bunch of pet loving, coffee drinking, tech savvy nerds. We just happened to be decent at coding and designing. And growing up, we were taught 'sharing is caring, and it can be fun'. So we work hard on crafting new and resourceful projects that we think will be useful for folks like you. Our team works hard so that you don't have to. Maybe that's why we’re all a a bit crazy. In anycase, here are a few things we're good at...

Simplify your product design with sprints, case studies/research, and detailed user tests.
Stay up-to-date with the ever changing site standards and the style of web development.
Your logo, business cards and public stationeries are all a reflection of you and your company.
Design is the first step to a great product. Software provide easier production and management.
Search Engine Optimization is often the key to success for web-based products and companies.
Key to any product is the amount of time distributed in during design and development.

You have the idea,
We craft the resources...

The nerds are always working on something cool. With a head filled with ideas, we are constantly experimenting and innovating. Here are a few projects we worked on.

If you have a cool idea,
Share with our nerds...

Unlike other nerds, we are quite social. We love talking to our members and even random strangers. Drop us a message if you want to talk!

** Look we hate spam. No seriously, we hate them. Be kind, don't spam. Thanks!